Video and Commercial Production

Professional Script Writing

Every great idea starts with a great script.  If you’re looking to develop an idea or looking for a fresh new one, Sam-Son Productions’ scriptwriters are here to help.
With years of experience, our writers will make your ideas come to life and capture the audience during every second of your production.

Storyboard Layout

Every script is accompanied by a storyboard. You’ll be able to “preview” the look and feel of your production, and to make sure it’s what you want.  See how an idea will develop before the cameras start shooting.  A well-designed storyboard ensures you’ll get the product seen the way you want it to be seen.


Once the script and storyboard have been approved, Sam-Son Productions sets out to gather all the necessary pieces for your production.  Still photos, stock video footage, and custom shot video are assembled to the production requirements.


This is where most of the “magic” happens.  Our production team utilize the latest in professional software and hardware to edit, mix sound, and color your production.  Any animation or special effects will be constructed during this phase.


Sam-Son Productions offers a wide variety of formats to have your production mastered.  Among the most popular are DVD and Blu-ray for HD.  Also available are: Beta-SP, DVCPro, VHS, Super VHS, Video CD, and digital format (Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, etc.).