Our Team

Sam Lesante Jr.

Sam Lesante Jr. has been Vice President and Production Manager at Sam-Son Productions, in Hazleton, PA for over 12 years.  He has been involved with every aspect of local to national tv productions.  Sam has directed, shot and edited thousands of reality based programs.

Timothy Novotney

Timothy Novotney, Director/Producer/Editor at Sam-Son Productions, has spent several years traveling and freelancing in several major cities across the US before settling in Freeland, PA. With his unique professional style, Tim has worked as an editor, motion graphics artist, and colorist for projects ranging from TV shows to feature films. With his award winning talent in documentary film editing, Tim combines his creative eye and technical expertise to ensure the highest quality from every production.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, Director/Producer/Editor began his career as a videographer while developing his skills as an editor, director and graphic designer.  Over the past 12 years these skills have created a distinct, modern style. He has a passion for creating and delivering a personalized masterpiece.  Andy has directed over 2000 live television shows, as well as camera work for hundreds more.